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St.John & Company – Business Scope
Business Scope
What We Do
Human Capital
The St. John & Company  approach recognizes the obligation we have to both the client and candidate to find the right match – a good fit.  Our careful attention to this detail reduces the risk that a mis-matched hire would present to your business.


Finding and keeping the right talent is the foundation to creating, maintaining and propelling a company forward.  The challenging part of this is deciding through the interviewing process if an individual is the right fit.  At St. John & Company, we personalize the interview process for you, your company and the position.  We give you tools to assist you with:


• Asking the right questions
• Interpreting the candidate’s answers
• Interviewing techniques – Screen In/ Screen Out


Using a consistent approach to selection will greatly increase the immediate productivity, retention and morale of your company.

Executive Coaching
St. John & Company knows the first responsibility in executive coaching is to provide an objective business review defining the “reality” of your organization.  Our coaching techniques integrate your personal style with proven leadership methods.  Individual gains come through intense one-on-one interactions and open feedback from constituents.
Succession Planning
Most organizations must change individual leaders from time to time for various reasons.  Thriving organizations are the ones with a disciplined succession plan in place, and not just for the CEO or President.  Having a disciplined process provides confidence among all stakeholders that the organization is prepared for transition when change is required.  A well-crafted plan minimizes disruption and ensures the continued operations of the business.  Planning now gives you time to make sound decisions later.


Of course the best laid plans can’t anticipate every event.  St. John & Company offers experience and expertise in creating a plan that covers “Anticipated Transitions” and “Emergency Transitions”.


Our techniques rely on both internal promotions and external searches.  The cornerstones of our process include:

• Establishing skills needed now – future

• Reviewing the current talent base

• Establishing those at risk

• Introduction/use of methods that create discipline around how we define “players”

• Interactive sessions among executives

Building Teams
Good teams don’t happen by accident; there’s a lot of work going on behind-the-scenes to build and maintain high-performing teams.  The dynamics that drive teams are an important part of organizational culture, and realizing synergies within a group heightens productivity and business results.  It takes a strong leader and a keen understanding of underlying motivations that drive each player.  Success comes when a balance between the needs of the individuals and the needs of the business is achieved.


At St. John & Company we work with company leaders to communicate focus, establish common threads, set benchmarks and gain progress.  We are experienced with industry tools that provide measurements of progress so you can see the forward movement within your organization.

The growth of sales, profit and people are the highest priorities within a business.  Only with the right resources and discipline to drive sales and profits can a  business thrive.  We believe that a business achieves excellence, above all else  because of the actions, talent and focus of its people.

The expertise provided through St. John & Company can be beneficial to any company, regardless of the size or nature of the organization.   Our hands-on style allows us to work with companies within their local or regional markets.  We work with all levels of leadership.



Achievement of the stated standard


Look at Self first


Dialogue is the oxygen of change

successful leaders

Take stock of these qualities

• Know your people and your commitment to your business
• Insist on realism (attitude)
• Set clear goals and priorities (focus)
• Follow through (accountability)
• Reward the “doers” (character)
• Expand people’s capabilities (competition)
• Know yourself (leadership inside/out)